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Beneficial Owners under Section 93A of the Companies Act 2015

Take note that pursuant to section 93A of the Companies Act, 2015 (“the Act”) requiring all companies to keep and lodge with the Registrar of Companies a register of its beneficial owners and the gazettement of the enabling regulations, Companies (Beneficial Ownership Information) Regulations, 2020, the Registrar of Companies hereby notifies all Officers of Companies and authorized persons that the Beneficial Ownership (BO) E-Register has been operationalized with effect from 13th October, 2020.

All Officers of Companies and authorized persons are required to comply with the above provision of the Act and submit a copy of the Beneficial Ownership Register within 30 days of its preparation and to notify the Registrar within 14 days of any change in Beneficial Ownership information. Failure to comply with this requirement makes it an offence to the Company and every officer of the Company who is in default.

This change can be effected via the E-Citizen Platform.

Download the Manual below for more information on how to enact the changes.
Contact us at for more information.
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