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Notice of Conversion of Nairobi Land Reference Numbers vide Gazette Notice No.11348

On 31st December 2020, the Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning issued a notice of conversion of Nairobi land reference numbers vide Gazette Notice No. 11348 notifying the general public of the conversion of old land reference numbers to new parcel numbers.

The Notice was issued pursuant to regulation 4 (4) of the Land Registration (Registration Units) Order, 2017, where the Cabinet Secretary for Lands and Physical Planning published a list in respect of the Nairobi Land Registration Unit specifying the changes in the land reference numbers. Any person with an interest in land within the registration unit who is aggrieved by the information in the conversion list or the cadastral maps is invited, within the next ninety (90) days from the 31st December 2020 to—

(a) make a complaint, in writing in Form LRA 96 set out in the Second Schedule to the Land Registration (Registration Units) Order, 2017, to the Registrar in respect of the information contained in the conversion list and the cadastral maps;or

(b) apply to the Registrar in Form LRA 67 set out in the Sixth Schedule to the Land Registration (General) Regulations, 2017 for the registration of a caution pending the clarification or resolution of any complaint.

All transactions or dealings relating to parcels within the registration unit shall from the1st April, 2021, be carried out in the new registers.

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